Compare And Contrast Hatchet And Castaway

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CASTAWAY The movie Castaway was released on 22nd of December 2000 first in the USA and directed by Robert Zemeckis. ‘Hatchet’ is the first book from the Hatchet series written by Gary Paulsen and was first written in 1989. Both of the text have many similarities relating to the setting, characteristics but also many differences. The themes in both Hatchet and Castaway was similar. The two themes that would be discussed in relation to Hatchet and Castaway are; perseverance and family. At the start of both texts, the main characters Brian and Chuck weren’t sure of exactly where they landed and just hoped that a rescue plane or a boat will come near to help. Brian decides to keep him alive until the rescue plane comes. Although Perpich wasn’t one of his family members he persevered Brian to always think positive and stay on top of things. “You are your most valuable asset. Don’t forget that. You are the best thing you have.” (P.40)…show more content…
The differences in the beginning was that Chuck was more mature and knowledgeable in surviving in the wild than Brian who never experienced living in the wild by himself. Brian survived in the Canadian wilderness for 54days while Chuck survived in the isolated island for 4years. In ‘Hatchet’, Brian evolves exactly when the rescue plane passes him, however in the film Castaway, there wasn’t an exact timing when he evolved; it is just assumed that it was during his survival in the wild. There were also many similarities with the characters. One of the main similarities was that both Chuck and Brian was persistent and preserved being courageous in various of situations and they improvised from the mistakes they made improving day by day. They both only started with couple of materials, (Chuck with the parcels that floated to the beach and Brian with the hatchet) and they made various of thing with it such as weapons and fires which helped them the most during the
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