Compare And Contrast Hayworth And The Shawshank Redemption

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A person must realize the opportunity to move to a better place to better themselves rather than staying stuck becoming better in the the same situation. In the first novel, “Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption” and the then film The Shawshank Redemption, this is shown. While a few things are different between the two, the main storyline is the same. The main character, Andy Dufresne is sentenced to Shawshank prison for the murder of his wife and lover. He claims he didn’t commit the murder and by accounts of his best friend in prison, Red, the man who can get anything, and others, he is innocent of said crime. Andy comes into shawshank with more confidence than normal new inmates. This leads him to get a deal with the guards and warden,…show more content…
Andy tells Red of his plan outside. How he has an entire life waiting for him under a volcanic rock. He wants to go to Mexico and open a hotel: “ ‘That’s all I want from my life now, Red, and I don’t think that’s too much to want. I didn’t kill my Glenn Quentin and I didn’t kill my wife, and that hotel... it’s not too much to want. To swim and get a tan and sleep in a room with open windows and space... that’s not too much to want.’ He slung the stones away” (King 79). Between the incident with the warden and talking to Red, Andy has finally realized what he wants isn’t in that prison. The whole time they are talking his hands are moving those rocks in his hands. Andy slinging those rocks is him getting rid of that plan, that part of his life. Up until this point Andy has been making his situation in there great. The guards giving special treatment, the library, all to make it better for him. Andy no longer cares for that. This is all sparked by the warden rejecting his chance at freedom. In the movie Andy continues to show his feelings of getting rid of the prison life. In this shot, it shows Andy slowly getting rid of the walls that hold him in, and putting them into the yard in rock form. His way out is spread out in rocks all over the yard that previously he would look at and polish. Andy no longer needs that. He’s getting out one pant leg of rocks at a time, to go and find his volcanic rock with a new life under
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