Compare And Contrast Hemingways Home To The 1977 Movie Soldier's Home

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Luigi Vittatoe
Professor Rachel Johnson
COM1102 Writing About Literature
January 31, 2016
Research Topic Proposal: Comparison and Contrast of Hemingway’s Soldier’s Home with The 1977 movie Soldier’s Home
Thesis statement
The thematic presentation between Hemingway's Soldier's Home to 1977 Movie Soldier's Home is expressed within the presentation styles and depictions within the novel and the film versions. The themes, presentation, styles and many other features are much different as observed and read from Hemingway's Soldier's Home to 1977 Movie Soldier's Home (Stewart 6-8).
Sources Analysis
This source is useful in bringing out the thematic expressions and illustrations that are present in Hemingway's Soldier's Home to the 1977 Movie …show more content…

We can note that the setting and themes of the former play are different from those of the later play (Eby 36). Nonetheless, both scenarios of the plays have captured the trends of human life, exemplifying some rather contemporary issues that affect humanity in the world today. Hemingway's Soldier's Home has characters observed to act by what is taking place, and the daily living styles of the people. In the 1977 Movie Soldier's Home we such similarities in the manner in which the play has been exemplified, illustrating the straight features that come into play when the play is beginning, at the middle, and even towards its ending (Hischak …show more content…

The characters in the Hemingway's Soldier's Home are different from those acting the 1977 Movie Soldier's Home. The characters are different, based on the differences in the timelines from which the stories were acted. The adaptation of the two plays has a difference in the changes of the storyline. Perhaps, the major differences have been brought out by the fact that the characters are acting, may be, the same theme but towards audiences arising from different timescales. The setting of the Hemingway's Soldier's Home to 1977 Movie Soldier's Home strikes another point of comparison. For instance, the settings of the former play in some way resemble that of the second play, only that the settings cannot be completely the same. There is also a difference in the tone f the two plays. The Hemingway's Soldier's Home uses a rather strict tone, polite to the audiences, and founded under the auspices of the characters in the play. The 1977 Movie appears to have a loud tone, digging deep into the features of play that are similar and embodied within the daily human activities and lifestyles. The changes from the initial story to the present appear to be successful. The decision for the adaptation was successful since by acting the play; there is much more significance given to it, are acting more audience. The audience has also been captured in a stronger way unlike in the initial presentation (Eby

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