Compare And Contrast Herbert Spencer And John Dewey

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The education that we faced and experiences today stem from the many idea and philosophy of historical figure that aspire to challenge and point out the flaw of the education system provided at their current time. These historical figures become a pioneer of education as they put forward their ideal in order to improve the education system or suit the education to the need of improving the progress of humanity. Since education is an on-going process that occurs throughout one’s lifetime and continuously evolve to fit humanity’s need and era, more pioneers in teaching and learning will surface in order to improve the current education system. Two of the pioneers of education that are important and will be discussed on are Herbert Spencer and John Dewey. Both of these pioneers of teaching and learning have different view and belief on education that may present different and contrasting method in teaching and learning. While spencer believed in the importance of survival of the fittest and stimulating competition, Dewey preferred a more community-based learning process involving problem solving that encourage cooperation. In a community where no man is an island and multiple resources needed for the thriving of humanity, it is only natural to feel that John Dewey’s ideal is better in line with humanity’s ideal of progression and as such will be more focused on in this research. A further understating of John Dewey philosophy will be look upon and the
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