Compare And Contrast Hero And Heroism

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There are few people in the world that acts heroism, and they classified as hero, because being a hero needs hard work and well education or having a high knowledge that could help them in their heroic actions. According to the dictionary, heroism means an extremely brave (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary). The word heroism is derived from the Latin word heros, the French word héroïsme, and from the Greek word hērōs. Some synonyms for heroism are: boldness, courage, strength, fearlessness, whereas some antonyms are: fear, weakness, cowardice ( Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi are heroes, both improved their living standards and changed it a lot. Martin Luther King has been most inspirational in bringing about change in the world.…show more content…
The first effect is the struggles of each of them. Gandhi founded The Natal India Congress to fight against constraint on Indian commerce, migration and headquarters ( Whereas King fight against the elemental discrimination, in other words against the black and white phenomenon which was widespread around the world. The second effect is their effort. King aimed to achieve the equality between the black and white people, black people had the chance in everything as the white people, such as: education and job, also the black people had the chance to vote. QUOTATION While Gandhi aimed to independent his country from the Britain colonial. The last effect is the method of activism. Gandhi was the first who used the non-violence activism and had success in using it, although King was inspired by Gandhi’s activism and he applied it in his struggles. To sum up the three differences of the effects of King and Gandhi are: the struggles of Gandhi were for his own country, but the struggles of King was for the whole world who suffered from the elemental discrimination, their efforts, and the way of the
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