Compare And Contrast High Noon And The Most Dangerous Game

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Humans. All humans come in different sizes, shapes, beliefs, and ethnicities. This makes each human very different but, it can also make us very similar. Just like humans, books can be classified into different characteristics also. Instead of using the way we classify humans, books are classified by things like theme, symbols, and setting. This is how we are able to compare and contrast the two stories High Noon and “The Most Dangerous Game”. In High Noon and “ The Most Dangerous Game”, they have very similar, but, very different ideas on the theme, isolation, and conflict. Out of all of the themes in the film High Noon, this one theme stands out in particular to me. Will Kane, “They’re making me run. I never run from anybody before” (Foreman 283). This quote is basically comprehending that instead of running away from your problems, you should face them. Will Kane demonstrates this theme when he hears Miller is coming back to get him. Instead of running away with Amy he chooses to face Miller, even if no one else wants to. The theme for “The Most Dangerous Game” is exceptionally different from the theme of High Noon. “The world is made up of two classes- the hunters and the hunted” (Connel 212) . This shows a relationship between hunters and the hunted. In the beginning Rainsford and Zaroff are shown to be of the same value. This is, until the story unravels into Rainsford being put in the hunted position. One focuses on types of people and, the other is focused on how
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