Differences And Similarities Between High School And College

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Two of the tribes that I have belonged to recently are high school and college. Being in high school is different than being in college; however, they do have some similarities. College requires more responsibility than high school, which makes high school a lot less stressful. On the other hand, both high school and college require hard work and putting in effort.
The first tribe that I was a part of was high school. I went to Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, also known as First Baptist Church. High school is different from college because in high school, you live with your parents and rely on your teachers to tell you when your assignments will be due to help you remember. High school does not require as much responsibility as college. In high school, the faculty makes your class schedule
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Academic integrity consists of cheating and plagiarism. Also, they encourage individual worth because they want you to recognize your worth. They encourage critical, independent thinking because their goal is for us to bring our critical, independent thinking with us for the rest of our lives. They also encourage discipline because there will always be consequences for anything we do. Lastly, they encourage community responsibility and accountability. With that being said, you have to be responsible in college. Similarities between high school and college are that they both rules and guidelines that the students are expected to abide by. They both have teachers or professors that assign class and homework. There are cliques in both high school and college. There are the athletes, cheerleaders, nerds, and all the other stereotypical cliques. You have to have so many credits to graduate from both. They both have tests, projects, and finals; but, college finals are harder. High school is intended to prepare students for college, in order for them to do well. Which is why there are

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