Compare And Contrast High School And College

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Two of the tribes that I have belonged to recently are high school and college. Being in high school is different than being in college; however, they do have some similarities. College requires more responsibility than high school, which makes high school a lot less stressful. On the other hand, both high school and college require hard work and putting in effort.
The first tribe that I was a part of was high school. I went to Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, also known as First Baptist Church. High school is different from college because in high school, you live with your parents and rely on your teachers to tell you when your assignments will be due to help you remember. High school does not require as much responsibility as college. In high school, the faculty makes your class schedule and you have to take any classes they give you. In light of being a baptist Christian Academy, there was an abundance of rules that we were expected to follow as students. We wore uniforms that, through the course of high school, went from just white, navy blue, army green, and red collared shirts with an MJCA logo to any color of the rainbow collared shirt with an MJCA logo. Us having to wear caché, navy blue, or black pants stayed consistent; although, you had to be able to pinch an inch of fabric on the rear of the pants. Any dresses or skirts the females wore could not be any shorter than three inches from the middle of your knee. The school took that rule extremely serious and would
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