Compare And Contrast High School Musical

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Most high school students are subject to an everyday routine consisting of having classes all day, having to talk to teachers and go to extracurricular activities just to go home to study and sleep. If you have ever watched high school musical growing up you may have thought about what high school was really going to be like when you get there. Kids wonder if it will be similar to the movie or if it will be completely different than they thought. High school and high school musical have their similarities originating from everyday life when in reality they differ in the reality of students, teachers, classes, sports and musicals. High school students are everyday typical teenagers, their attention is stuck on their phone, and friends for the most part. The main characters in high school musical…show more content…
The audience is immediately introduced to practice in high school musical. Which means they don’t get to see the tryout process for the basketball players. The tryout process is normally long and intense. The coaches want to see how the athletes do things in every aspect of the game to place them on the team they are best fit for, before the start of the season. Throughout the movie there are not many practices, but the few that are shown were intense and fast pace. When in reality for school sports the athletes have practice almost everyday after school at the beginning of the season until the games start. It then becomes practice everyday the team does not have a game. Coaches will then throw morning practices in the mix. Gamedays depended on the sport being played. Most of the time games are played on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the occasional Saturday. Athletes end up playing a lot of games unless they are one in high school musical, where they show one half of a medium intensity game. Sports are a popular thing in high school and are a huge part of people’s
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