Compare And Contrast Highwayman And Thyroid Fever

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In order to compare and/or contrast a passage or text one must first summarize both articles. “Thyroid Fever” is about a young boy named Frank McCourt. Around the age of ten he contracts and illness that was a pandemic in Ireland. This illness is called “Thyroid Fever”. Frank is sent to a hospital under the control of strict god fearing nuns. He meets a thirteen year old girl named Patricia. These to become friends in the cold bland hospital. A rule in this hospital is that you may not talk. Especially with the opposite sex. This pair were caught so many times that one day they were split up. Sadly during this separation Patricia dies from her disease. It’s around this time that Frank realizes that he loves literature through a poem entitled “The Highwayman” that Patricia used to read to him. Later Frank is relieved of his illness and is set free from the hospital. The next passage is titled “The Education of Frank McCourt”. This passage is about the older Frank who was a teacher. Around the beginning of the school year his students are getting…show more content…
These stories are very similar. For instance they are both very significant points in Frank’s life. In “Thyroid Fever” Frank discovers his love for writing and literature in general. If that discovery never happened the story “The Education of Frank McCourt” may have never happened. He may have never dreamed nor even wanted to go to America. In the passage “The Education of Frank McCourt” He becomes stronger and braver than his old self to persuade New York University to accept him as one of their students even without his high school diploma. Personally I don’t think these passages are different. The only contrast I could make is the obvious time difference along with the fact that they are about to entirely different ideas and have totally different conflicts. The stories are about the same person, so how could there be numerous
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