Compare And Contrast Hinduism And Christianity

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There are many religions around the world. Not only that, there are many religious organizations, secrets and alternative learning programs. Today’s society gives the public the choice to associate themselves with the religion that best suits their spirit and the option on what he or she believes the most. However, the essence is that religions are not so different from each other. Every religion has fundamental questions about the creation of the world, the man, the immortality and the meaning. This is not new information; however, it will surprise you the fact that the answers to these questions are a lot more alike than we think. Take, for example, Christianity and Hinduism. Hinduism for example has many beliefs and practices so comparing this with Christianity can be a challenging task. Hinduism is more open minded as it embraces other beliefs and teaches that all religions have one goal, regardless of the path in life you may take. As for Christianity the belief is there is only one God. But what brings these two religions together is that even though they portray very different people from completely different races, in different periods and in various religions, it all comes down to the same knowledge that is based on revelation. In both Hinduism and Christianity, they each have their known individual founders as they achieved the highest state of superconscious. In the Book of Mathew and The Bhagavad Gita they experienced realistic situations with sin and
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