Compare And Contrast Hip Hop And Rap

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Music is a melody that affects people’s mind and soul. It varies from culture to culture between times and places. In the 1970, funding for after school programs, music and art classes had been dropped. Teenagers’ only way to express their feelings used to be songs, so they distracted themselves by participating in rap battles instead of going through drug addiction and other bad habits. With their stunning effort, they made what is known as the hip- hop and rap culture of today. There are a lot of kinds of music and every country has their own kind. Hip- hop and rap music is certainly one of the most popular genres of music nowadays.
Rap is a main component in hip-hop. Any typical human being can write any words that rhyme and then place a rhythm of his own. Later he becomes a rapper. Although, it started
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Therefore, Hip-hop and rap are considered as a popular culture because it is a type of entertainment that people enjoy. Although hip-hop and rap were found in a large group of people who shared the same habits despite the personal characteristics, the global connections that happened through technology and the rapid diffusion that took place in a short time created this culture and helped in diffusing it all over the world. Hip-hop and rap widely influenced modern culture in everything starting from commercials and ending with politics exceeding all expectations. Hip-hop and rap musical feature are different. It is absolutely critical to distinct these alike types of music from other types of popular music. Rap is a blend of lyrics and rhyming to a musical beat. Rap topics can vary from local events to relationships. In the past, precisely in 1970s and 1980s, rappers expressed all the issues that were not paid attention to in media through their music. Today rap music focuses more on consumer commercialism and

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