Compare And Contrast Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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During the second World War (1939-1945) two atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, it is debatable whether or not these bombs were the appropriate response. I believe that this was the appropriate response because of the horrible crimes the Japanese committed against Americans as well as innocent people during the Rape of Nanking, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the Bataan Death march, also, the two bombs were the final factors in ending the war, as well as the atomic bombs were the first bomb of their kind, this put the Americans in a position of undeniable power. Without these bombs, the war would’ve only progressed and left behind more casualties and destruction. The Japanese committed horrible crimes against innocent…show more content…
The emperor of Japan sent a broadcast to his people reporting that the Japanese would surrender to the Americans and that "the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage." Also that "the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb." This statement proves that no one else in this time has a weapon of such damaging results that it put the Japanese in fear of the Americans. American airmen announced to the people of Japan that "We are in possession of the most destructive explosive ever devised by man. A single one of our newly developed atomic bombs is actually the equivalent in explosive power to what 2,000 of our giant B-29s can carry on a single mission.” This quote describes how the U.S had created “the most destructive explosive ever devised by man” and that they were not afraid to use it on the people of Japan a second time. This shows how confident the U.S. is in their new weapon of power and they tell the Japanese that they have already used the bomb on Hiroshima and if they refuse to surrender they will drop more without a second
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