Compare And Contrast Hobbes Vs Locke

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Hobbes vs Locke
When a unlawful crime happens we are shocked and paralyzed by fear and despair. Well ,with these crimes comes governmental responsibility this is why. Without a strictly ruled government violence, no productivity, and consequently no knowledge of the Earth would result.
To begin, with “Without a common power to keep them in awe, it will result in a state of war” as Thomas Hobbes states. Strict power is important, absences of this allows us to forget that we are all equal and no one is higher than the other. Moreover, we lose our sense of flaw and that we, ourselves make mistakes. With the thought that government does not stand for the people, if us [people] all enjoy equal rights and cannot enjoy them in similar manner than we fall to our own quarrel.
Nevertheless, in product to war the fruit will be unable to bear because it will be uncertain. There would be no productivity. Rousseau argues “There is no place for “industry”..... because the fruit is uncertain.”Without a common power , citizens must be forced to obey the laws.” Productivity is everything without this everything would be incomplete and slightly done.
Hobbes argues besides, violence and lack of productivity , “No knowledge of the face of the Earth, no account of time, no arts, letters, or society” Knowledge is everything. Without knowledge you would be unable to spell or read this letter. At the same time absence of no knowledge of the Earth is a result of no productivity, in comparison if there is no productivity discovery cannot be made. Shortly without, discovery knowledge will not be perceived. In addition, to this living human life would be challenging because the next generation would not have prior knowledge to know what to do.
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