Compare And Contrast Home Depot And Lowe's Annual Report

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Annual Reports and Press releases The annual reports and press releases of both companies slightly differ though with a portion of similarity. Although, Home Depot’s annual report is composed at the headquarters of giving an inclusive report on all of the retail stores in the world, through the company’s website these reports posted can be found. Therefore, this being impartial and all-inclusive to an extent of analysis it would have to be done on the contrasts, similarities, profitability, and performance of different retail stores in different regions or countries. However, the shareholders and customers analyze the summary provided to know the general performance. As far as, press releases go all companies have a weekly and monthly report provided by the manager in the form of a booklet of the retail store and on the company’s website these reports are posted. Furthermore, separately Lowes prepares each of these annual reports for each country to analyze on the website for which is posted. In comparing all of these annual reports would be so difficult for people through the different states, regions, and countries being the report have yet to be summarized. Lowes Company has a weakness where most…show more content…
Across the United States, Mexico, and Canada these two giants have industrialized characteristic strategic priorities, and brand images. Despite the strategic differences, Home Depot and Lowe’s both share one major objective. The fact of customer-based increasingly active online, both companies being committed to allowing their customers to move perfectly online and offline channels. For example, a customer may order online and have the item shipped to their nearest store, or may even identify the item in store and have it arranged so it could be shipped to their worksite. (Home Depot Vs. Lowes: The Home Improvement Battle (HD,LOW),
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