Compare And Contrast Homer And The Sower

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I have chosen to compare and contrast the following two works of art: (1) Vincent Van Gogh, The Sower, 1888. Oil on canvas, 25 ft. ¼ in. x 31 ft. ¾ in., Netherlands, Europe, and (2) Winslow Homer, Veteran in a New Field, 1865. Oil on canvas, 2 ft. x 3 ft. 2 in., Prouts Neck, Maine. The painting The Sower is based on a sketch that Van Gogh did in a letter to his brother Theo. This may be what he saw while writing the letter. Winslow Homer’s painting is supposed to show that many people before the Civil War were farmers. At the time of this painting many may have seen this as an emotional painting. Both of these paintings have things in common and other things that are different.
Both Veteran in a New Field and The Sower shows a similar image. For example, both of these paintings are of a man in a field. While the images have a similar image, they do have differences. In Winslow Homer’s painting the man in the field is cutting wheat with a scythe. While in Van Gogh’s the man is throwing seeds on the field. These two paintings were also done
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In The Sower the colors blue and yellow are used in the field. Blue is also used in the man’s clothes but brown is also used too. The background uses yellow for the sun and the wheat. In Veteran in a New Field yellow is used for the ground and wheat, brown is used for the man’s clothes and scythe, and blue is used for the sky. The second difference seen is in the way that these paintings are done. For instance, The Sower uses expressive line throughout the entire drawing. In the field, it can be noticed that the colors are overlapped. Van Gogh is known for using expressive line in his work, which can also be seen in his other painting named Starry Night. Veteran in a New Field doesn’t use expressive line. The lines in this painting are more controlled. Therefore, these two paintings use the same colors, but are drawn
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