Compare And Contrast House Taken Over And The Feather Pillow

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Expanitory Essay In stories meant to scare the reader, transformation symbolizes the cultural changes occuring in society. For example, in the stories “House Taken Over” and “The Feather Pillow” the authors use transformation and scary elements that happen to the charters to frighten us. Both stories are examples of Magical Realism. Magical Realism is realistic fiction. In both these stories there is practial tone, normal charters, and interesting events. The lifestyle of the charaters in both stories go from calm to abnormal, they differ in scary elements. In addition, the stories including my personal expirence all forshadow the following events. The bizzare and scary are used in “House taken over” by Julio Cortazar to demostrate how the charaters go from tolerant and normal to hopeless, frustrated, and anxious. The narrator and his sister Irene were doing their tipical and daliy routines, like it states in paragraph 3, “Irene never bothered anyone, once the housework was finished, she spent the rest of the day on the sofa in her bed…show more content…
In this text the charater Alice goes from youthful and pretty to unhealth and hopeless of servival. Alice lived a extravagent (realistic) life with her new husband as said on paragraph 3,”For three months--they had been married in April-they lived a specail kind of bliss”. As the season changed she became very ill and grow fursterated due to lack of hope for very servival. Quoted in paragraph 15, “They doctors returned, but to no avail. They saw before them diminishing life,a life bleeding away day by day...without knowing why”. Prior to her death there were forshadowing events like wanting her sheets uncleaned, where in the pillow lived a insect, that ate her life away. This piece of liturature definatly address soctiey, such as, the draining of mentaliy whitch sucks woman into
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