Compare And Contrast Hunter Gatherers And Agriculturalists

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Hunter gatherer/ Agriculturalist essay Hunter gatherers and agriculturalists are different and the same in some ways. Their population is the basically the same because there was never that many people. They had the men do the work mainly. Neither one of them didn't have much technology at the beginning. They didn't have much technology because they didn't have many people to work on it. They always got sick from the dust and stuff because it wasn't good for their health. Then they would die off and then they'd get less people. Hunter gatherers and agriculturalists population was never big. They both didn’t have a lot of people. The men mainly would work on technology and have health issues. Men usually died off pretty easy. The women could die off pretty easy too, The women could have health issues or be pregnant, it would…show more content…
They didn't have many doctors to cure them. They were sometimes healthy and they sometimes were not. They had medicine and sometimes got cured. If they would find food they would be healthy and eat well and helped out and then they would do good. Some of them didn't find much food and their health would get bad and they'd die of starvation and then their population would go down. Agriculturalists were usually healthy because they would grow crops and have food and eat a diverse diet and same thing with the hunter gatherers except they didn't have a big topic of food to choose from. Hunter gatherers and agriculturalists have okay things. They have what they need and that's good enough for them. Their different in some ways and the same in other ways. They live good for their lives. They had a good population, good technology, and good health. They got stronger and some got weaker. We wouldn't have technology and know what medicine and good things to use to help us if it wasn't for them. Hunter gatherers and agriculturalists have a lot of connections in different ways. They were good
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