Compare And Contrast Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Katrina Vs. Hurricane Harvey While there are many similarities between Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey that make them catastrophic natural events, the differences between the two cause each state their own tragedies. Events that led up to, happened during, and the aftermath of the two hurricanes were all horrifying examples of how dangerous Mother Nature can really be. Although the tropical storms happened years apart from one another they both left a mark on the people that personally experienced them that will never be forgotten. The beginning of each hurricane caused immediate fear for the safety of men, women, and their families. Although Katrina was explicitly explained how dangerous it would be to the people of New Orleans, Houstonians were not so lucky. The Mayor of Houston decided not to evacuate his citizens because it was not expected to be as catastrophic as it turned out to be. Katrina made landfall on…show more content…
Katrina was responsible for one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three deaths. It left over a million houses without power and demolished nearly two hundred seventy-five thousand homes. Harvey was accountable for thirty-nine deaths so far and prepared for numbers to rise. Nearly three hundred thousand people have reported loss of power and approximately ten of thousands of homes were damaged due to this storm. Both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Katrina cost over a billion dollars in damages. The power and devastation from these hurricanes tore lives apart. Hurricane Katrina’s scars are still marked on the city and the memories of people who lived through it and so will the wounds made by Hurricane Harvey in the next decade. Although these two hurricanes brought torment to people it also brought a sense of community. The world is coming together yet again to help the people hurt by this act of Mother Nature and raise money and food to support them in their time of
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