Compare And Contrast Hurricane Katrina

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The similarities of these disasters were very similar with the cost and the damage it had done. Hurricane Katrina cost was $108 million dollars and the oil spill was $4 to $5 billion dollars. During these both disasters, many people died from the oil spill explosion and the huge hurricane. The hurricane destroyed 300,000 homes, people were out of power, and it took weeks for it to come back on. The oil spilled had damaged the short lines, the spill covered miles, and the hurricane flooded over cities. The oil spill had a loss of habitats and it had an impact of the development of large fish and wild animals.
Some similarities they both had people working to fix the damages and bring the communities together. The issue when workers tried to
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Natural disasters are coming from how the weather is, such as it being windy cloudy or even stormy which can cause tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes. Environmental disasters are from human activity, which comes from the idea natural disaster. Environmental is more of causing pollution and can effect human health, economy. Another difference Hurricane Katrina made the largest landfall and the oil spill was the largest marine oil spill. Then the oil spill was a huge explosion on deep-water horizon whereas the hurricane destructive deadly tropical cyclone and one of the biggest floods.
In my opinion looking at these two disasters they both made it in history and changed lives. The Hurricane Katrina was a devastation to people they lost their homes they had to get the strength of going through that and then trying to get back on their feet. The organizations and people who helped volunteered helped those in needs and gave back with the charities. The oil spill caused a lot of damages and with the help of workers to get rid of contaminations using chemicals to make the oil easier to
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