Compare And Contrast In A Day's Wait And Stolen

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Compare and Contrast Essay Family, something a lot of people would probably depend on when they are sick, especially as a child to take care of them. Ernest Hemingway wrote the story “A Day’s Wait” which was based on something that had actually happened to him and his son. It was about a boy with a fever who thought he was going to die. Sherwood Anderson wrote “Stolen Day” which takes place in Ohio almost 100 years ago. He believed he was sick with a disease called inflammatory rheumatism. Both of the main characters in these stories share similarities and also differences when looking at and comparing character traits. In the stories “A Day’s Wait” and “Stolen…show more content…
The foremost example is that Schotz was actually sick when the other boy was not and actually faking. It started with a boy in his neighborhood, Walter, who had inflammatory rheumatism who didn’t have to go to school and could fish whenever he liked. (Stolen Day 305). When the boy got to school, he started aching and was told to go home when he really started thinking that he had it like Walter. Thinking his family would just laugh at him if he told them about his theory, he decided it would be best not to tell them. They did laugh when he ended up telling them because they knew it was all in his head and that he didn’t have it. Another difference is that one boy wanted attention from his mother when Schotz said to his father that he could go when he was sick and didn’t make a big deal about it when he said so. The other boy realized “She had made me get into bed upstairs and then hadn’t even come up to see how I was. ’’(A Stolen Day 307). He was talking about his mother and this makes it clear that he wanted more attention from his busy mother, which made him angry that he wasn’t getting the attention he thought he should have. A third difference is that Schotz decided to stay inside and rest all day, but the other boy decided to go outside after he rested for a short amount of time. Soon after getting mad at his mother, he left to go fishing without her noticing. He
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