Compare And Contrast In Stephen King's The Mist

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T The Mist Compare and Contrast In 1980, the book The Mist, written by Stephen King, was released. It got very popular later on, so they decided to make it a movie 27 years later. The book is a horror tale following the life of David Drayton and a large group of civilians trying to survive a thick mist that has ‘enveloped the entire town. Not only can you barely see through it, but it contains some of the most out of this world creatures. Overall, the movie tells the same story as the book, but it definitely changes up some of the key parts of the story, and sometimes just adds completely new parts. The book was completely crazy and exciting, which the movie tried to do the same but wasn’t able to capture the story perfectly. The Mist is a novel that really shows what people might do when they are confined in such small quarters with others that they know little to nothing about. Throughout the book, David and his son, Billy, go to the supermarket to buy some groceries for the family. Little did they know that they’d have to spend a lot more time there than they’d want to. The mist that’s taking over the city wants them out in the open, but for the worst reasons. This group of minor acquaintances must learn how to defend themselves or they may never get to even see the sun again.They all have to work together to not only fight the monsters coming inside the store, but also the groups of people that don 't believe that they deserve to live, but to be sacrificed. The book
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