Compare And Contrast Inuit And Hai Tribe

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Inuit and Haida By:Angellee Sisneros Although the Inuit tribe is from the arctic the Haida tribe is from the northwest woods, they have very different life styles. Things such as how they travel, their housing, the clothing they wear vary due to their living environments. These two tribes also have some similarities from their religious beliefs to the type foods they eat. Both tribes have strong core values and traditional native languages. The Inuits traveling and housing is different from the Haida tribe. Some differences are due to their climate, it can affect how they travel. The environment can also dictate how their housing is built, the environment where they live is vastly different so it changes the styles of houses they live in. The Haida people live on a coastal island off of southeastern ` Alaska and British…show more content…
They both believe in medicine men and women. When the Haida people were sick their medicine person would use drums and dances to try and heal people. The Inuit people practiced animism which is based on all living and nonliving objects having spirits. In curent time both tribes speak english. Haida elders speak their native Haida language. Which is make up of a series of sounds. The Inuit tribe spoke their native language of Inuktitut. Even though both of these tribes have many differences you can find, both tribes pull their ways of life from their varying living environments that affect their ways of life. Each tribe has put to use each of their unique environments to help their people thrive and live in their own special conditions. Each tribe has traditional religious beliefs and languages that are similar but are very different people. People would probably assume all “Eskimo” people are the same and try to lump them into one category but when you look closely into each tribe you can see how unique and special each and every tribe
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