Compare And Contrast James And The Giant Peach By Roald Dahl

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One of the reasons Roald Dahl is worthy of our attention is because of the creativity of his stories. Roald Dahl is known for entertaining children with his one-of-a-kind writing style. His book, James and the Giant Peach, was about an orphaned boy whose parents were killed by a raging rhinoceros at the local zoo. He then lives with his two aunts, until a giant peach the size of his house is grown in his backyard. James enters the peach and finds human sized insects waiting for him. James did not realize that he would soon have the adventure of his lifetime. This unique story gives a great example of Dahl’s creativity. His stories will entertain and educate us at the same time. This is a reason why Dahl’s writing is worthy of our attention. Another reason that Roald Dahl is worthy of our attention is his genre diversity. Dahl can go from writing about a boy in poverty that ends up inheriting the world’s best chocolate factory to support his family, to writing about a seemingly kind landlady poisoning a young man for her stuffed body collection with full comfort. He does not only…show more content…
Roald Dahl uses literary elements such as irony, suspense, and dark humor to make our learning experience more meaningful. His story Lamb to the Slaughter shows all of these elements. A pregnant woman named Mary Maloney kills her husband with a leg of lamb while in shock after being told her husband is leaving her. Suspense rises when Mary realizes the crime she has committed and worries of being caught. She fakes an alibi and calls the police pretending to come home to find her husband dead. She cooks the murder weapon and offers it to the officers. They eat it, ironically destroying the evidence for the crime. In the other room, Mary is giggling to herself while thinking about how she got away with murder. The story has been very informative and helped us to greater understand literary

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