Compare And Contrast James Wright And Sidney Whitwood

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James Wright and Sidney Lanier are two contemporary American Poets. Although they are almost two generations apart from each other, both poets display a relation between their use of nature, transformation, and religion. Most of Wright’s poems were influenced by the Spanish language. It was Wright’s intentions to put the Midwest back on the poetic map. He made this transformation in 1963, when he wrote “The Branch Will Not Break”. While Lanier is quit ordinary, he grew up in Macon, Georgia and wrote mainly for magazines. His most famous work is “The Song of Chattahoochee”. Compared to James Stephens, an Irish novelist and poet, who grew up in London. Stephens is referred to “Tiny Tim” and well known for his Irish fairytales. Stephen wrote mainly about military valor and his adoptive family. In “The Shell” by James Stephens, as he places the shell to his ear, he becomes isolated in nature. Stephens realizes that the shell existed long before the creation of man, and even without man the shell would still exist and make the same sounds of the seas. Stephens’s sees how short life is lived, and how everything including himself is “Temporary”. And he places the shell down, and hears a cart go by. Afterwards, he would rather live in everyday life then to think of living in a world without mankind. “The Shell” takes place in a beach like setting, which in nature relates to peace, comfort, and happiness. Stephens is very creative with his use of religion. He never speaks of a
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