Compare And Contrast Jamestown And Plymouth Plantation

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As our travels were over from the harsh seas, we discovered that our challenge for survival was far from over but we shall overcome these barriers. In the early days of European history, there were harsh rules set by the government. As for some they would rather live elsewhere, in which they did. I will talk about the similarities and differences of two colonies. The name of the two where Jamestown and the other Plymouth Plantation. Both of these colonies had their own way in which they went by and lived. They had a different set of rules they followed and ways that they ruled. In the end they were both successful as they got help from other people, but in the process lost many lives. It was the beginning of their journey to success. The first colony that came to the new world and stayed was the colony of Jamestown. The voyage ended in 1607 in which the settlers arrived. The Colony led by Cpt. John …show more content…

Their voyage ended in 1620 in which they arrived in Plymouth harbor. The voyage was led by William Bradford, which became the leader of the colony. The the reason that they came from being different, of the reasoning from the Jamestown colony. In Jamestown, they came in order to get rich, while Plymouth, they mainly came out for religious reason. “Having undertaken, for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith and honor of our King and Country…”(pg. 14) This sentence from the story shows on how much they were looking up to God as they thanked him for their achievement of finding land and being able to settle there. They were also experienced at working with others unlike those of Jamestown. “But with abundance of toil and hazard of their own health, fetched them wood, made them fires, dressed them meat…” All of this just shows on how they were able to work and help those who couldn't themselves. That is why they were mainly more

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