Compare And Contrast Jessie Pope And Dulce Et Decorum Est

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This essay will compare and contrast the way the poets Jessie Pope and Wilfred Owen present war in their poems. Who’s for the game? Was written by Jessie Pope in 1916 during the heart of the First World War. The poem is pro war and is a piece of propaganda that was used to recruit men into the British army. In contrast Dulce et decorum est is an anti war poem and shows the true aspects of war. The dates of the two poem do not differ a lot, this emphasises the time period does not influence they way that the two poets wrote their poems. The two titles of the poems are different, Dulce et decorum est has a very formal and serious title while Who’s for the game? Has an informal and joyful title. In Owen’s poem the use of the latin title makes it look formal because Latin is a very old and respected language because it’s the source of many languages. While Jessie Pope’s title: Who’s for the game? Is informal because its main aspect is to encourage young readers to join the war. Dulce et decorum est has an ironic title, this is because the full title is Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori, it 's meaning in latin it is sweet and honourable to die for ones country. Being an anti war poem this is ironic because through out the whole poem Owen tries to influence the reader his feelings on war and how he or she shouldn’t take part in the war. The Rhyming scheme of Owen’s and Pope’s poem is “ABAB CDCD…” , Owen uses it so we cant forget the imagery that is shown through out the
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