Compare And Contrast Julius Caesar And The Joker

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Have you ever done something good and something bad happened as a result or done something bad and something good happen as a result? This happens many times throughout life as well as in movies and books. Two epitomes of this occurring are in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” and in the movie The Dark Knight. In “Julius Caesar” Caesar says and does things for the good of Rome yet is taken the wrong way and seen as a villain, resulting in his tragic death of being stabbed numerous by his closest friends. In The Dark Knight, the Joker is wicked and vile to the city of Gotham killing lots of people and can be seen as a hero because he exposed all the corruption in the government. Although they have similar experiences in adulthood Caesar and the Joker are opposites because of how they grew up, as a result Caesar is a hero and the Joker…show more content…
They both had similar adulthoods but they are opposites because of how they grew up. Caesar was born and raised in a rich, noble family ruling Rome. The Joker had a terrible childhood and was scarred for life as a result. They are different in everything they do. Caesar main goal is to try to keep stability and peace while the Joker’s is to bring instability. Caesar is killed by his people in the senate and the Joker kills his people when he robs the bank. Another difference is how Caesar is all about rules and laws and promoting his ego. The Joker hates government and rules and destroys his ego. The Joker tries to make the world burn and then watch it while it destroys itself while Caesar tries to stop it from burning. Even the audiences have different opinions about the characters. Caesar is ignored mostly by readers and loved by the majority of the people in the book. The Joker is hated by everyone in the movie and adored by everyone that watches it. The Joker and Caesar are different in all they do as a villain, and a
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