Compare And Contrast Just Lather That's All

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War has been occurring for over thousands of years, and has claimed a devastating amount of lives throughout the centuries. In “Just Lather, That’s All”, written by Hernando Tellez and “The Sniper”, created by Liam O’ Flahery you can see two stories that are based around a war environment. Evident in these short stories are the similarities and differences both protagonist share. The first similarity that is shown is that the act of killing isn’t an easy concept for them. The next difference of these two protagonist is that the barber from “Just Lather, That’s all” is not capable of murdering Captain Torres when he had the chance to. In contrast to the sniper from “The sniper” if he had the opportunity to kill his target he would proceed to do it without…show more content…
The next difference that is apparent in both protagonist is the fact that when the barber had the golden Opportunity to kill Captain Torres he did not take his chance. On the other hand, if The sniper had a chance to kill his enemy he would do it without hesitation. In “Just Lather, That’s All”, the barber had the opportunity to defeat his foe by slitting his throat as he is providing the captain a shave with a razor sharp blade. “I could cut his throat just so, zip zip!”, (Barber page 3) as the readers’ we discover that the barber does not procced to kill the captain as he claims to be a conscientious person. The protagonist from “The Sniper” would in fact kill his enemy if he is the chance as we learn in the story. The Republican Sniper was on the rooftop and he lit up a cigarette, as he did that the light made his location visible and a bullet rushed towards him. Since he was shot, he was quickly running out of options. Due to the fact that the enemy thought He had ended the Republican snipers life, his guard went down and that’s when the sniper Shot and killed him. In addition as to why we know the sniper would kill without hesitation, for The reason that, that is the snipers
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