Compare And Contrast Katniss And The Hunger Games

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“I hate men who are afraid of women 's strength.” This quote symbolizes the fear

characters felt from two well­known female protagonists. In the action­styled fantasy novel

called The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen was chosen as a

tribute for the 74th Hunger Games and has to fight her way out of the arena. She is

exceptionally talented in her bow skills and her ability to survive in the wilderness. While the

fantasy action themed novel, Divergent written by Veronica Roth showcases a 16 year old

girl, called Tris and her unique and different mind. Although Tris has a very nimble and weak

body, she has a very quick and can solve incoming problems well. These two girls have faced

many obstacles in their path to power. Katniss and Tris are strong and independent

female protagonists who have a few differences, but share many strong similarities.

These two are experienced killers but they both share a few mental weaknesses that can take

them down. When they first faced their challenge, they struggled. But their common ability of

survival stepped in and helped them get through hard times. Their main strength is their ability

to adapt to their surroundings and that can be a huge advantage to others. This is only one of

many similarities these characters share that plays such a big role in their road to success.

We’ll first talk about the differences between these two female warriors. First of all,

Katniss and Tris share a completely
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