Compare And Contrast Kennedy's Ways Of Dealing With The Cold War

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The Presidents of the Cold War What were Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy's ways of dealing with the Cold War? Both Truman and Eisenhower used the policy of containment when dealing with the Cold War. Kennedy used flexible response in the war instead of containment. Containment is to keep things under control (Ayers 819). Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis is an example of military use (Kennedy 1). Military use is how we use our Military (Ayers 850). Armed Corps used to defend and protect the government. Primarily used to go to war with an opposing country (Eisenhower 2). Economic Aid is giving help to strengthen another country’s government and is usually done financially (Ayers 819). President Truman was the first president to deal with the Cold War.…show more content…
They both used the policy of containment. Eisenhower created a theory called the “Domino Theory.” The “Domino Theory” was a theory that stated that if one country became communist then their neighboring country would become communist too (Ayers 950). It was made for awareness to prevent communism. The strongest Military efforts included brinkmanship and massive retaliation. John Foster Dulles, which is Eisenhower’s secretary of state believed in brinkmanship which was the idea of threatening war, but not taking action (Ayers 850). This is how Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles used to settle conflicts. President Kennedy differed from the other two presidents because he believed in flexible response instead of containment. The United States did not want to see everyone else struggle. Flexible response is a better way to deal with other countries (Ayers 886). Kennedy had different beliefs than Truman and Eisenhower because he dealt with other countries differently, even though they had the same goal which was to stop communism from spreading. An example of flexible response is the Cuban missile crisis (Kennedy

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