Compare And Contrast Kevin Durant And Lebron James

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Kevin Durant and LeBron James are two of the greatest basketball players to ever live. Both of these gifted athletes play in the NBA, and are idolized by thousands of people across the United States. Each of these players has a unique perspective on how they play the game of basketball. Kevin and LeBron are both amazing players, but they approach the game very differently. Kevin Durant uses him amazing shooting ability to carry his team to winning games. His length gives him the power to shoot over the top of defenders and lessens his chances of getting blocked. Kevin primarily relies on his shooting ability to put points on the scoreboard. LeBron on the other hand is not as gifted as a shooter, but he uses his power and explosiveness to…show more content…
He can use his long arms to rise above other players and grab the ball after the shot goes up. LeBron usually just positions himself for an outlet pass so he can control the fast break instead of going in for rebounds. LeBron has random games where he will rebound quite well, but Kevin averages more rebounds per game. Last, the most significant difference in these two athletes is their game attitude. Kevin has a very calm and relaxed attitude in games. He doesn’t mouth referees often, isn’t cocky, and doesn’t pin blame on his fellow team mates. LeBron is the exact opposite of Kevin Durant. During games he blames the referee’s for every game error. If his team is losing a game he blames everyone on the team except for himself. Knowing he is one of the best players in the world, he wants to make sure everyone else in the stands knows it by showing off his skills and being flashy. Kevin and LeBron ae two of the all-time greatest players, but they are very different players on the court. From their attitudes to shooting skills or their rebounding skills to ball handing, these players are completely opposite. Even though the ways they play the game are very different, they utilize their skills to be some of the best athletes in the

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