Compare And Contrast Kilfoil And Van Walt's Views On The Teaching Of Writing

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1. Compare and contrast Kilfoil and Van der Walt’s views with Nunans’ views on the teaching of writing as a process and as a product.
In accordance with Kilfoil and Van der Walt’s views they actually saw writing as a process rather than a product. They stipulated that: “writing is, in fact, a process and learners need to be prepared for and guided through the various stages”. That is, they should be given time to think about and discuss their ideas on a specific topic, to write a draft or framework of what they want to say, to discuss this again and then write a more detailed account. They also explained clearly that the final draft must be discussed and refined again. Where now the teacher is involved in every step of the process and continuously provides feedback. The process of writing, according to them implies that learners develop as readers of their own writing which, in turn, develops both sensitivity to audience and the ability to reflect on their own mistakes. Since the teacher does not expect a chunk of writing, but merely random ideas or a brief draft, and this is preceded by a discussion or reading activity, the learners are more likely to feel confident in using English while thinking and refining their ideas on the topic. They also designed their own model to illustrate how the learners are to do their work through the process of writing. Their model goes this way:
1. Identify purpose and audience 
2. Generate ideas

3. Select and organize  Revise


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