Compare And Contrast La Bamba And Broken Chain

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La Bamba and Broken Chain are stories about two young boys who undergo many challenges in order to reach their common goal. Getting attention. In these two stories you will start to see that Broken Chain and Labamba have many similarities and differences. Broken Chain and LaBamba are similar in many ways. They both wanted to get attention and in the end got what they wanted, just not how they pictured Alfonso’s bike gets broken. Manuel’s tape for the show is scratched. They both freaks out. But Alfonso freaks out for a few minutes.Also Manuel only freaks out for a split second. [Manuel stood alone, trying hard to hold back his tears ]and (Manuel received a bust of applause)They both struggle through their problems and find a solution. In both stories, the main characters don’t want to be normal or average they want to stand out.…show more content…
In Broken Chain, Alfonso wanted to impress a girl. In Labamba, Manuel wanted to impress everyone he knows. (He yearned for the limelight. He wanted applause as loud as a thunderstorm, and to hear his friends say, “Man that was bad!” Manuel used the talent show to get his attention or “fame.” Alfonso uses a bike to impress a girl. ( He wanted to say something clever the way people do on TV.) Manuel has a large family. Alfonso has an average sized family. I say that because In Broken Chain Alfonso only talks to Ernie and never talks to another sibling. In La Bamba they say that Manuel has seven

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