Compare And Contrast Lao Tzu And Confucius

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Lao Tzu to some is considered to be either a Chinese hippy or the first libertarian. (Fresco) Confucius, on the other hand, was generally dedicated to establishing the educated and the philosophically minds of the people of China. Confucius taught about strict order by respecting the relationship in life, such as the self and authority. As previously stated, Lao Tzu was the complete opposite. The Tao Te Ching is filled with examples of how Lao Tzu thought life should be lived. Under his teaching, the best way to stop conflict is to avoid it all together. Life is like a flowing river and if one were to stop, it would cause conflict for others. To relation this to modern times, Confucius would be pro government and Lao Tzu would not.

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