Compare And Contrast Laurie's Relationship With Charles

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Laurie comes home every day from school and he tells his mother first about everything that Charles has been punished for at school. Laurie’s mother believes everything her son tell her because she is in denial and blind to what he son is capable of doing. Laurie came home one day late from school and said “Charles yelled so in school they sent a boy in from first grade to tell the teacher she had to make Charles keep quiet, and so Charles had to stay after school. And so all the children stayed to watch him.” What teacher would allow her students to stay after class and watch Charles? The teacher realizes that Charles just does this to get attention and that she wouldn’t allow Charles to get any more attention than he already gets because…show more content…
For example, “The PTA meeting’s next week again,” I told my husband one evening. “I’m going to find Charles’s mother there.” She believes she could maybe give her insight into Charles’s behavior because Laurie is supposedly a good boy. Next, Laurie’s mother enjoys that her son comes to her and tells her about things of the magnitude and what goes on during his day at school. What parent doesn’t want to have a relationship with their child? Laurie’s mother always listens and always comments about Charles and continues the conversations with him always asking more. After, Laurie told his mother about Charles not doing the exercises she kept asking him questions about the situation. For example, “That’s fine,” Laurie’s mom said heartily. “Didn’t Charles want to do exercises?” “Naaah,” Laurie said. “Charles was so fresh to the teacher’s friend he wasn’t let do exercises.” “Fresh again?” Laurie’s mom said. “He kicked the teacher’s friend,” Laurie said. “The teacher’s friend just told Charles to touch his toes like I just did and Charles kicked him.” Laurie’s mom believes what he has to say because she believes him and doesn’t think he would lie to
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