Compare And Contrast Lewis And Clark Expedition

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To many people it is a strong belief the Lewis and Clark expedition was a threat against the american indians and wildlife and caused the start of their removal, but I believe that what happened to the american indians had to happen in order to expand our country. The Lewis and Clark expedition explored the Louisiana purchase bought from the French in 1803 after the French failed their dream of a new empire. Current president Thomas Jefferson was asked by the French to buy a considerable amount of land for a very cheap price when the french had entered a rough patch of financial issues. The land was bought by Thomas Jefferson who had no idea what or really even who was living there besides the american indians. Thomas Jefferson decided to send explorers…show more content…
It was thomas jefferson's newly owned land and his will to explore it he decided to send explorers across it in which he named the corps of discovery. The heads of the group were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. When starting the expedition meriwether lewis bought many gifts for the indians such as beads, coats, fabrics, and hats that could hopefully help convince the indians to be relatively good friends with the explorers and our country. When the expedition started exploring in 1803 they started down the Mississippi river on three ships and didn’t run into any american indians. as they traveled they learned about many new things such as minerals and plants so far unknown to science and eventually sent a care package back to president Jefferson on one of the three ships to show him all the new scientific discoveries that the expedition had made. when the expedition continued they eventually met up with a
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