Compare And Contrast Liberalism And Liberal Feminism

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Theory The theory that will be used in this paper is the liberalism feminist theory. Liberal feminism has its core in the fight for women to have the same fundamental democratic rights as men. They see women’s lower position in society as a consequence from earlier in history when they have been excluded from political and legal rights, and also that they have been stopped from participating in the work life on the same conditions as men. Instead they have been directed to the private sphere of the family. Historically, liberal feminists have fought for education for women, for legal rights and especially for women’s right to vote. Liberal feminism concentrates upon fight and argumentation to ensure that women will have access to the public, political sphere on the same conditions as men. They believe in education, upbringing and to affect attitudes as a mean to overturn women’s subordinate position . It aims for individuals to use their own abilities and the democratic process to help women and men become more equal in the eyes of the law, the society and the workplace. Liberal feminists use available resources and tools to advocate change. They organize women into larger groups that can speak at a higher level, lobbying legislators and raising general awareness of issues. With this they stand in contrast to socialist feminism who believe the democratic process in itself needs to be changed . Liberal feminism stems from the liberalistic political philosophy that

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