Liberal Feminist Theory Essay

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Theory The theory that will be used in this paper is the liberalism feminist theory. Liberal feminism has its core in the fight for women to have the same fundamental democratic rights as men. They see women’s lower position in society as a consequence from earlier in history when they have been excluded from political and legal rights, and also that they have been stopped from participating in the work life on the same conditions as men. Instead they have been directed to the private sphere of the family. Historically, liberal feminists have fought for education for women, for legal rights and especially for women’s right to vote. Liberal feminism concentrates upon fight and argumentation to ensure that women will have access to the public,…show more content…
An assessment of liberal feminism significance today can be summarized as this: effective to a certain limit in practice, but weak in theory . This means that it has had a successful argumentation and fight in giving women fundamental civil rights. But other feminist directions have objected that the strategy to gradually integrate women in society has not been able to abolish the subordinate position women have. It has remained, in a different shape, and why that it the liberal feminists has no response to. It lacks a theory regarding what female oppression’s deeper mechanisms consists of- and that is something other directions tries to answer . That is the main critique against this theory but there are other aspects of critique also. Some of the critique is aimed at the idea that women have the same capacity for reason as men, the critique against this warns for an uncritical acceptance of a view of reason that actually degrades women. Another point of critique is that liberal feminism is possible because it looks away from the importance of social standing and from women’s material conditions. A third point of critique is the that liberal feminism, at least in its abstract form, discards from sexualities importance for power configuration between the sexes
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