Compare And Contrast Lifeguarding Vs Ymca

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There is much more to lifeguarding than Wendy Peffercorn leads on (Sandlot). Between the bloody noses, well developed ten year old girls, and fifty year old men who fancy the young lifeguards, a lot goes into consideration when trying to decide what pool is right for one to lifeguard at. Although all lifeguard jobs may look the same from the outside, the differences are apparent to the employees. In the Joplin, Missouri area the two main lifeguard employers are Joplin Parks and Recreation and the YMCA. Both of these organizations are respected by the community, but they each have their shortcomings regarding pay, schedules, and the environment. In the evaluation and recollection of personal experience, retired lifeguards from both facilities…show more content…
The Joplin city has three outdoor pools which are only open through Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. The YMCA has two indoor pools, open year round, and an outdoor pool which is also open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. A standard day at the city pools is one o’clock in the afternoon to six in the evening. The indoor pools at the YMCA open at six in the morning and close at 8 in the evening. During the summer, the outdoor pool ran by the YMCA is open from noon to seven in the evening. With this being said, if one is looking for just a summer job, the city would be the best choice. The YMCA, though, is looking for employees planning on staying year round and for a long time (Joplin Family YMCA). With this being said, a vital piece to think about is one’s dedication to lifeguarding. Scheduling seems to be a fault amongst both facilities, but time and time again, finding substitutes seems to be a much easier feat at the city pools due to the fact the staff is almost three times the size of the YMCA staff (Ukena.). Working for the city would be a better choice if one only wants to work summers, but if one wants a job with flexible hours throughout the whole year, the Y is the place to…show more content…
People who work for the city pools typically are going more for the lifeguard persona, to be Wendy Peffercorn, one could say (Sandlot). The city pools are known for their bikinis and “hot” college lifeguards. Lifeguards at the YMCA typically go into the job knowing they will have to wear a one piece and probably will not be around many people around the high school and college age. The YMCA mostly sees people over the age of sixty and under the age of thirteen (Hulette). Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, it stands to be true. The city offers a wide variety of new people everyday; the YMCA offers the same regulars at the same time, everyday. If one prefers new faces everyday, city pools offers variety; on the other hand, if one prefers building relationships with swimmers, the YMCA offers a multitude of opportunities. There are benefits and shortcomings of both work places. It is common to dismiss this fact: lifeguarding is not a glamorous job and it requires utilizing life-saving skills every day the famous red whistle hits one’s neck. It is a highly regarded and respected job, and a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding what workplace is right for oneself. All in all, it comes down to a personal preference on what kind of work environment, schedule, and pay is
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