Compare And Contrast Lincoln And Jefferson Davis

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Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis are very similar in many ways and very different in many ways as well. Davis was president of the Confederacy and Lincoln was president of the United States of America.

To start off early as possible, both Davis and Lincoln were both from Kentucky, and lived approximately 100 miles away from each other. Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln were both presidents during the time of the Civil War. Both of these presidents were over 6ft tall and had vice presidents that were under 6ft. Lincoln was self-taught, however Davis’ parents sent him to a few of the best educational institutions ever made in Kentucky. Even though both of these leaders had many similarities, there were ways to distinguish themselves from each other. Lincoln had more popular votes than Davis. Although both Lincoln and
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Davis was the first and only president of the confederate states of America. Davis held office from 1861 until the collapse of the Confederacy at the end of the Civil War in the spring of 1865. Many years prior to the Civil War, he held numerous amounts of positions in the federal government. Before becoming a leader of the slave states in rebellion, he could’ve been viewed as a credible future President of the United States of America. One more accomplishment of Jefferson Davis is that he held together the Confederate Govt. in under nearly impossible circumstances. Jefferson Davis was known for his integrity. He was not always as upfront as he might have been when dealing with difficult people certain situations, but he witnessed a strict code of conduct with respect to money and gifts. He had ridiculous experiences in public affairs. He was a public speaker, known for his logic. He was strongly devoted to the Southern cause. Jefferson Davis was never known as "Honest Jeff," but the man who led the Union by not really paying any mind to the U.S Constitution was known as “Honest
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