Compare And Contrast Lippitt's And Kotter Change Theory

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The purpose of this paper will be to compare and contrast Lippitt’s and Kotter change theories as well as provide similarities and differences amongst the two. Change is vital in the medical field and especially in nursing, relating to implementation of these changes. The need for effective and efficient communication and appropriate leadership allows for easier implementation and interventions to occur. Change in nursing needs to be purposeful, have direction and have the capability to achieve desired goals. (Kotter 2008) The effort needed to apply these changes comes with great collaboration among the healthcare team. Collaboration includes frequents meetings to establish goals, review interventions, discuss evidence based practices, or suggest changes and alternative methods to benefit those receiving the care of the current nursing practice. Lippitt’s theory is comprised of eight steps. (Stichler) They include assessment, diagnosing, planning for change implementation of the said plans to to work towards set goals, and elevation of how well or not so well the interventions suited whom or where the change is being applied. There…show more content…
(Kotter, 2008) Kotters first step is to identify urgency. A known need for an urgent change is more inclined to effectively gain the employees acceptance to change, rather than resist it. (Kotter, 2008) The next step to accurately address the need for such change, and why this change is needed as soon as possible. The organization that is ready to implement this change needs to be impelled to do so action is taken and short term obtainable change goals are created. The goals will help to keep the organization moving forward, and give them a sense of accomplishment when they reach said goals. The last two steps put the anchor of change into the establishment, leading towards another cycle of change if need be. The focus needs to remain on the desired outcome, to avoid back

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