Compare And Contrast Lucinda Matlock And Richard Cory

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All or Nothing Lucinda Matlock and Richard Cory are round characters that display the life of a rich, educated man and a working class woman. Cory has everything that he could ever wish for, but Matlock lived an average life that was extremely rough with the deaths of her children. Both characters are intriguing because of the vivid description of the deaths the two suffered and the two opposite lives the two people lived. Cory chose a thrilling self-induced death, however, Matlock accepted the effects of Mother Nature and died peacefully in her later years of life. “Lucinda Matlock” by Edgar Lee Masters and “Richard Corey” by Edwin Arlington Robinson are two poems that contrast each other primarily through the lives and deaths that Matlock and Corey. Lucinda Matlock lived a long enjoyable life with a large family that dealt with a lot of death throughout her life. Matlock was a free-spirited girl doing activities including the following: dances and playing snap-out. She found her future husband, James, in a romantic fashion during a beautiful moonlit summer night. Both Lucinda and James were working class people with twelve children, but sadly eight of her children failed to outlive her. When Lucinda turned 60, she began to…show more content…
The two characters show the two opposite ends of society. Matlock, who lives a simple, hard-working life enjoys life to its full potential. Masters writes, “Enjoying, working, raising the twelve children,” to show Lucinda and James enjoyed the tasks they completed throughout their lives (7). In addition, Masters writes, “gathering many a shell, / And many a flower and medicinal weed,” to show they enjoyed the simple aspects of life like gathering items from nature (13-14). However, the man who has everything in life decides that life is no longer worth living and takes his own
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