Compare And Contrast Macbeth And Snow White

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Lady Macbeth and the Evil Queen from Snow White both have many similar negative traits. Besides the many similarities between this two characters, they have also have some differences in their way of planning things or getting things done. Lady Macbeth nor the Evil Queen really care about what happens to others or who they take under the rug with them. They only care about satisfying themselves and will do whatever it takes to do it. Based off the original Snow White story and Shakespeare’s Macbeth play the Evil Queen and Lady Macbeth both execute a very ambitious character. Lady Macbeth and the Evil Queen both have a royal positions that they would fight for. Lady Macbeth very easily persuaded Macbeth to kill Duncan not because she cared about what Macbeth “deserved” but because if he became king she would automatically be queen without putting herself at any risk…show more content…
Unlike Lady Macbeth who thought it was unnecessary to keep killing once obtaining the crown, the Evil Queen would decide to keep killing. The Evil Queen would kill anyone who was a threat to her without having an ounce of remorse just like she intended to do with Snow White. She is so wicked that she even asks for Snow Whites organs as proof the she has been killed. The Evil Queen’s death prevented the death of the seven dwarfs. If they did not kill her, she would have ended up killing them for being a threat to her and for helping Snow White. Overall, Lady Macbeth and the Evil Queen have as many similarities and as they do differences. Even though they do not come from the same century, it is still very possible that they share the same ancestors. Both show ambition, maliciousness, greed, attempt murder, and obtained a royal status. If the Evil Queen would have remained alive she would have turned out to be like Macbeth in the end and taken over

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