Compare And Contrast Macbeth's Relationship With Lady Macbeth

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Despite the villainous nature of both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, as a reader, I can see how their relationship works. Both of their characters see nothing wrong with thinking about murderous acts (see the "Stars, hide your fires" speech of Act I Scene 5 and the baby-killing speech of Act I Scene 7). The only difference is that Lady Macbeth has no scruples about performing them. Additionally, it is obvious that Macbeth loves his wife. For example, in his letter to her, he calls her his "dearest partner of greatness" (1.5.11-12). Lady Macbeth seems to love her husband, too, as she wants her husband to have what has been promised to him. However, it also appears that she doesn't think too highly of him. She says, "Thou wouldst be great / Art not…show more content…
She is willing to insult him in order to manipulate him to do what she thinks is best. She constantly goes after his sense of manhood (something that is probably important to him seeing as he is a soldier). Yet again, this is not something couples in healthy relationships usually do. Furthermore, after the murder of Duncan, Macbeth is in a kind of frenzy, and when she tells him to wash his hands, he is obviously feeling guilt. She responds by insulting him.

Although, later, we see that Macbeth, perhaps, does care about his wife's mental health. Macbeth says, "O, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife," as he is worrying about Banquo and his son (3.2.36). She tells him that they can't be alive forever, and also asks what Macbeth's next move is. He responds, "Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest / chuck" (3.3.44-45). It appears to me that he wants to save her from the torment that he is experiencing about having to murder his friend (how sweet...).
After reading to Act III, I find the Macbeth marriage to be pretty one-sided. Although they both seem to love each other, Lady Macbeth is an intense woman to the point where she is almost abusive. I look forward to seeing how their relationship changes as the tides turn on them in the last two

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