Compare And Contrast Madonna And Child With The Two Angels

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Artwork is a form of self-expression from an artist based on life experience, or on something that the artist feels strongly about (Berenson, 87). The product of art can help others with similar experiences but not able to express the same feeling themselves. From the product of art, people can start drawing excitement, purpose as well as encouragement about the real thing being expressed. Through a piece of art, the artist can communicate a purpose, an emotion or an idea in their work. In this research paper, I compare two pieces of artwork; Madonna and child with the saints by Giovanni Bellini and Madonna and child with the two angels done by Fra Filippo Lippi. Madonna and child are amongst the most popular yet controversial topics in the Christian art.
Most of the pieces of art done on this topic usually have Mary and Jesus either surrounded by angels or saints who pay respect to them. It is an important figure in Catholicism as it reminds the believers about their faith. Both the two artworks were done during the Renaissance period with Madonna and child with the two angels being done around 1465 while Madonna and child with the saints being done around 1505. In making my comparison, I seek to compare the two pieces of work based on symbolism, the distinguishing features as well as the target audience.
Madonna and child with the two angels is a painting of a praying Virgin Mary with two angels who are carrying baby Jesus just in front of her. In this piece of art, Mary
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