Essay Compare And Contrast The Leadership Style Of Mahatma Gandhi

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Here I will be explaining about two different leaders with their historical figures and different personalities. They contrast to each other in terms of leadership styles but they have succeeded to certain level in their own way. Let me introduce about those two leaders, they are Baburam Bhattarai and Mahatma Gandhi. Baburam Bhattarai was a senior standing committee member of Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). He was born on 26th May 1954 in Belbas in Khoplang VDC of Gorkha district. In the civil war, more than 17000 Nepalese were killed. His main objective was to establish republican system in the country by terminating monarchy. He couldn’t achieve it by civil war ultimately elections were held in 2008 and it emerged parliamentary party. When we study about Mahatma Gandhi (02-10-1869 to 30-01-1948) he was a leader who believed in peaceful revolution and non-violent campaigns. He was the prominent leader of the Indian independence movement in British ruled India. Both of the leaders achieved success in some aspects in spite of having contrasting leadership style. Baburam Bhattarai is a leader who adopted different means of struggle. He followed armed struggle for almost 10 years. While he started the arm struggle there were only few members in his party who supported him in the…show more content…
Both of them succeeded in bringing the political change in the country in spite of having contrasting leadership styles. Mahatma Gandhi succeeded to bring independence in India in 1947 and Baburam succeeded to promulgate the republican constitution. Baburam adopted a violent means for success. His violent war didn’t succeed but ultimately he selected a peaceful democratic path which led him to get success. His objective is still not completely fulfilled but the political system has been changed in Nepal and it needs to be institutionalized

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