Compare And Contrast Mlk And Martin Luther King Jr

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Through history, African Americans have had lack of the same rights as whites. Although slavery ended in the late 19th century, segregation where the new violation of human rights. It became a common term for racial separation. From the busses, water fountains and schools; segregation was inevitably (anywhere). However, the segregation in the US ended in 1964 with help from leaders who fought for blacks rights. Malcom X and Martin Luther King, Jr were two influential men in particular who brought hope to the blacks in the United States. Both preached the same goal about equality for their people. On the other hand, even though they shared the same dream, their tactics on achieving the goal, was truly different.
Martin Luther King Jr. was an activist and a central leader in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. King was born in 1929 and grew up in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, a city afflicted by racial segregation. He grew up in a family that encouraged him to respond to injustices and that later in life would always be there to support his choices. King began working as a pastor in 1954, but he was soon in the epicenter of the Montgomery civil right campaign. In 1955, King launched the first major African- American non-violent protest, when he orchestrated the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Because of the successful boycott, King began a long
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Malcolm X was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. He grew up in a poor family as his father died young. Malcolm ended up with foster parents because his mother could not cope to support him. After moving to Boston’s ghetto, Malcolm X turned into an angry man, involving in pimping, burglar and drug dealing. After a failed robbery, Malcolm was sent to ten years imprisonment. During his time in prison, Malcolm obtained his education. When he had atoned his years, Malcolm converted to Islam and became a member of the Black Muslims, the Nations of
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