Malcolm X Speeches

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with protest, organizing, and together (unity) will bring about social change and justice. The two (2) speeches of Malcolm X and Savio were delivered to different types of audiences and both speeches dissimilar in pretexts and meaning. Malcolm X articulated how essential it was for African Americans to demand a resolve for the racial and discriminatory laws and social injustices in America. Government and its operatives were malevolence in its intent and obligations: they must exit to uphold racism and unfair practices. The political system has taken advantage of the electoral process of African Americans, and it was time that blacks demand alterations and results from the democratic process, especially the Democratic Political Party.…show more content…
How do the writers seek to remedy these problems (what are their goals)? The 60s period was the age of protest and demonstration. There were a number of marches and boycotts throughout America. In Malcolm X’s speech, he did not call for civil disobedience or unrest because he was not a fan or in support of marches or boycotts. Malcolm X, in his speech, focused on how important the African American vote could be, or meant, in the American political process. He had realized it was the time for Black America to wake up and take their voting power serious. When he remarked, it is time for African Americans to “become more politically mature and realize what the ballot is for,” he was stressing that the voting block of black people must be unified, and African Americans should strive for some type of nationalism. Savio’s speech purely embraced civil disobedience and protest as how it was utilized during the 60s. When Savio referred to “put your bodies on all of the gears, wheels, and levers,” he was singling for more types of boycotts and sit-ins because he saw that it was a method towards progress. Malcolm X saws the failure of the Democratic Party to help out Black America, and he preached that African Americans should no longer continue to support their candidates blindly. Malcolm X understood that African Americans were ignorant in their efforts to keep electing a Democratic to a public office, and that elected Democratic did absolutely nothing to help Black America in return for their support. He demanded that there should be no reason why African Americans should get behind the Democratic Party, unless the elected officials would bring about needed justice in housing, employment and education in Black American. Even though Malcolm X’s did not promote protesting, Malcolm’s speech actually did announce a protest of the Democratic Party which was just as direct as Savio’s speech advocating continued protest as a remedy for change at
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