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Maltese VS Toy Poodle. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” By Josh Billings. This quote is the reason I chose this topic, animals are very important among humans and especially to me. Growing up, my family always had smaller dogs such as a Maltese (Tilly) and a Toy Poodle (Wookie). Due to providing and maintaining one of each breed, I feel as if I could advise somebody which of the two would be better for them. Honestly, I think the two are wonderful pets to have and love. I frequently find myself getting Tilly and Wookie mixed up even though they are two different breeds. Both of these breeds are extremely familiar yet one could still distinguish the difference between the two. The first major…show more content…
Toy Poodles can be any of these various colors: black, tan, white, yellow, brown, blue, gray, silver, and red. Maltese on the other hand, are always white. Not only physically do their color differ, but how their coat looks also. Averagely, Maltese hair is long (can be shorter if you prefer the cut) and silky while poodle’s hair is corded, dense, and rough. With the information I just provided, anyone can conclude that a Maltase would be way easier to maintain than a poodle. Trying to keep a poodle groomed is a lot harder due to their curly hair, they often get things stuck in their hair along with attracting dirt easier. Tilly’s hair is smoother, straighter, and longer which is not hard to keep her looking like a beautiful puppy she is. Although they are both popular breeds, Toy Poodles are usually a little more expensive to purchase than a Maltese. To me, both breeds are worth their price. Since they are both small breeds they both have a small litter, but Maltese often have fewer puppies than a poodle. Toy Poodles usually bark more than Maltese meaning that they are more alert and protective. The last detail I should point out would be their origin. Maltese came from Italy and Malta while Toy Poodles migrated from Germany. The differences are small things, but at the end of the day, both breeds would be your best

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