Compare And Contrast Mandela And Martin Luther King

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Conflict and wars have taken place all over the world. Something that people forget is that violence is not always the answer to problems. Some conflict can be resolved by peaceful tactics. The phrase, “fight for what you believe in” can be interpreted in many ways. Fighting for what you believe in doesn’t necessarily mean violence. It's possible to resolve conflict without the use of savagery, because it has been proven by many leaders fighting for their cause. Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela are the epitome of civil rights leaders who achieved rights without violence and have left a tremendous legacy behind for the modern era.
Mohandas Gandhi is known for leading India’s Independence movement against British rule. The most significant part
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is famous for being the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in America. Martin Luther King fought for the rights of African Americans. During his time, African Americans were segregated from Caucasian and were given unfair treatment due to the color of their skin. King brought light upon the unfairness of the treatment and disobeyed the law without violence. King led his people with marches, boycotts, sit ins, and gave many speeches to rally up the emotions of the activist. Martin Luther King was arrested a numerous amount of times without resistance, as well as Gandhi and Mandela. Although, Gandhi nor King stayed in jail as long as Mandela, which was almost three decades. During the time of the Civil Rights movement Mandela was alive as well. The irony is the fact that both were fighting for the same cause, but in different countries. The name Martin Luther King Jr. is one that you from the time you start school that you hear all throughout. King influences today’s society by having a federal holiday designated to honor him, his “I have a Dream” speech is still referred to, and he has inspired society to create a moral vision and do whatever it takes to expand and achieve
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