Compare And Contrast Marching Band Vs Military Band

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As high school marching bands grow larger, they typically trade in their military marching style for the less technical core style of marching. As a result, schools are throwing away the military tradition that has been continued throughout time and they lose the formality and precision only a military style band can achieve. Three major differences between a military marching band and a core marching band include the music they play, how they march, and the impact they have on their community. The music a band plays can influence how well their overall performance goes and how the audience feels the band did during that performance. Core bands will play tunes such as Bohemian Rhapsody while military bands typically stick with the more traditional…show more content…
The sole purpose for core bands is to entertain the audience, and while that is perfectly fine and dandy, at the end of the day it has no significant meaning. Military marching bands are known to support those who have fought, or are fighting for our country. A military marching band cannot go a year without performing at a veterans day parade or being asked to preform a drill to honor veterans at a football game. It has also been very common for Military bands to march with American and Texas flags in their drill. Military bands pride themselves on representing the U.S’s armed forces. Although they may not be apart of the armed forces, they can still play in honor of those who are and pay tribute to them by performing a show using their techniques and traditions. Both styles of marching bands have their upsides. Therefore, it is very hard for growing marching bands to decide on the style of how they will march. Although it may be fun to put on a show and play today’s current pop music, performing and honoring those who have served for this country and continuing the legacy and traditions of a military marching band most definitely has its upsides. It can be difficult to march with a large military band, but it is very worth it to be apart of a legacy and ongoing
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